Peeled Veneer

Some cheap tropical species like Okoume can be peeled into veneers widely used as the face of panels, doors and back of furniture. More choices are available now with FSC certificate, including Beech, Eucalyptus, Sapelli or you just name it.
The most competitive thickness we can offer is 0.3-0.6 mm, either long grain or short grain, in various sizes, or even customized sizes.

Sliced Veneer

All the commonly used species from North America, Africa and Europe are available at 0.4-0.5 mm and various sizes. Depending on the manner in which a log is cut, strikingly different visual effects can be achieved with the wood’s grain and characteristics.They are widely used in furniture, door and plywood production.

Engineered Veneer

This is the most creative veneer product as the substitute of sliced veneers in the furniture production and decoration. There are more than a hundred designs available, very close to the natural wood grains of various species. The main thickness is 0.5 mm at various sizes.

Bamboo Veneer

It’s a kind of hard and smooth veneer sliced from laminated bamboo blocks made of bamboo strips. It’s available in various colors, styles, thickness and sizes and can be supplied with formaldehyde free adhesive and FSC certification. It’s mainly used in multiple applications of building and interior design.